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EXFO building a 75,000-square-foot factory in Queretaro, Mexico

by todofibraoptica
Render of EXFO’s New Queretaro Factory | Image Courtesy of EXFO

EXFO, a leading developer of test, monitoring, and analytics solutions for the global communications industry, announced the construction of a 75,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Queretaro, Mexico. With an initial investment of USD 7.5 million for Phase I, the company seeks to expand its global capacity to serve the fast-growing telecom market.

In an exclusive interview with todofibraoptica, David Prosser, director of operations at EXFO, provided some insight into this investment. EXFO had been planning this factory for a while, and while Covid-19 forced them to delay their plan, now they are moving full speed ahead with the goal of starting production in early December of this year.

According to D. Prosser, there were many factors considered when deciding where to build the factory; such as its strategic location (just 554 miles from Laredo, Texas through the NAFTA highway), access to a growing well-educated population, a high number of tech companies and suppliers in the region (Queretaro is becoming a major data-center hub, and is home to a large number of local and global companies in the Aerospace, Automotive, IT and Bio-tech sectors), as well as access to an international airport.

Announcement of EXFO’s Factory in Mexico City

From left to right: Stéphanie Allard-Gomez, Delegate General of Quebec in Mexico, David Prosser, Director of Operations, EXFO, Lucie Lecours, Quebec’s Minister Delegate for Economy, Marco del Prete, Secretary of Sustainable Development for Queretaro, Liliana San Martin, Secretary of Labour of Queretaro for Queretaro, Hubert Bolduc, President of Invest Quebec International | Photo credit: Andrea Reynoso, Communications and Media Relations Manager, Québec General Delegation in Mexico City

The 75,000-square feet factory will initially produce their standard test equipment, such as OTDRs and Fiber Inspection Probes, and will create from 100 to 200 jobs. The company has secured additional land next to its factory, to be able to easily expand according to future market demand. EXFO will later evaluate the option of also doing some design work in Queretaro once they have a skilled workforce.

 “We plan to have our top-level managers on board by September, fly them to Quebec in October for onboarding and training, and then start production in early December,” said D. Prosser.


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